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Ibaraki Prefecture is the largest liquor production area in the Kanto region, and there are many delicious sake.
You can drink such delicious sake for a limited time at four popular restaurants in Singapore.
In the first step, you can enjoy eight brands of seven sake breweries with delicious dishes.
In the second edition, We offer Ibaraki Prefecture's sake, which you don't normally have a chance to drink.

Please enjoy sake that you cannot usually try on this occasion.

Yuzu Shiragiku

Hirose Syoten

This sake is based on a Japanese sake that consists of a plenty of squeezed yuzu juice from Ibaraki Prefecture, with a slightly sweet taste and a refreshing scent. This is a yuzu sake that we take a lot of pride in, that can be enjoyed in all kinds of situations such as both before and after meals. Please cool it well before drinking or enjoy it as "On the Rocks".

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Kimibandai Junmai Daiginjo

Tanaka brewery

The mild fragrance, the mellow taste of rice-derived alcohol, and the sweetness of rice will spread softly. It is a sake that will warm up both the body and heart. You can enjoy it cold.

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Kimibandai Umeseisyu

Tanaka brewery

It is a plum wine that was made by pickling plums from Ibaraki Prefecture into Sake. This rich plum wine contains approximately 10 times the amount of the extract compared to the normal plum wine, due to the the ripening method that makes the most of the characteristics of Japanese sake. While retaining the refreshing aftertaste of the Sake "Kimibandai", you can enjoy the sweet and sour flavor of the fully ripe plum that spreads in your mouth.

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Matsuzakari Junmai Daiginjo 「SYOU」

Okabe Brewery

This is a handmade, naturally squeezed, and Tobingakoi-method Sake artwork that was made from carefully selected Yamada-nishiki and brewed with devotion and celebration for fertility, collecting the finest Matsumori's brewing techniques. Please enjoy it cold or at room temperature.

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Special Matsuzakari Daiginjo

Okabe Brewery

This is the pinnacle of Japanese sake made from the long period of low temperature fermentation by yeast that brings about the core of the rice, which then is carefully matured in a refrigerator. Please enjoy it cold.

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