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Information about JAPAN POINT Member shop

To liven up Japan’s production areas in overseas restaurants and retail shops with world-class Japanese Food! JAPAN POINT supports sales promotion from both apps and paper with four services!

Platform of issuing coupon

Free issuing of coupons, which will be a good advertising of shops and encouraging customers to visits your shop!

Mockup coupon

Store Search / Menu Search
Use coupon
Check campaign
Read the featured articles

User shop

Member shop
Publish store information / menu information
Issue coupon
Participate in seasonal and local food product campaigns
Publish featured store articles

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Free paper for gourmet professionals and Japanese food lovers

We will deliver the "JAPAN POINT TIMES" for free, which is a Japanese food magazine useful for professionals such as seasonal information and recipes of Japanese food. It has entertaining contents for Japanese food lovers as well, so please use it for customers who visit your shop.

Information of seasonal ingredients and production area
Recipe information
Map of seasonal food
Introduction of campaign and store, etc


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3JAPAN POINT Marketplace
Purchasing platform

Order by checking promotion in real-time and by each shop’s order history easily! In order to avoid mistakes, you are able to manage and track your orders in the app chat! You can purchase products from various production areas, manufacturers and importers at once.

Check for promotion and seasonal information anytime
Ordering from history
Managing invoices for several stores
Checking the order history

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4Monthly campaigns and business meetings

We will inform you regularly about ingredients and production area campaign and business meeting.


About participation in Member shop

Become a member shop by using one or more of the four services.

1.Post articles to JAPAN POINT Web site. (voucher issue platform) (* We will ask you to provide the menu photo and logo data.)

2.Put the copies of JAPAN POINT TIMES in your store. (We will deliver the copies to your store.) (We will deliver the copies to your store)

3.Purchase items from Marketplace. (You can simply purchase seasonal ingredients and economical ingredients.)

4.Participate in food and production campaigns conducted regularly. (It will be a PR of your store.)

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Let's boost Japanese food market up together!! With sharing information of "Tasty Japanese food" to your customer and joining seasonal and ingredient campaign.