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Many postings about restaurants that use japanese ingredients

It will be possible to search by location, restaurant type such as, yakiniku, sushi, izakaya, etc

Mock coupon use

Coupons are easy to get and easy to use!

To use points, simply sign-up or log in, select the shop that you want to use the points and show to the restaurant staff. The stuff will press the 'use coupon' button.

Coupons can be used at any store can only be used once per person every month as long as there are remaining coupons.

Mock coupon use

Bringing you information about japanese food

We will also provice a Japanese food information magazine, 'JAPAN POINT TIMES'. It is useful for professional food businesses with seasonal information of Japanese food and recipes. Of course, Foodies who love Japanese food can enjoy its content too! We distribute it to member shops, so please take a look when you visit! Free of charge! (* Excluding some stores)


Save points and receive special benefits!

How to collect points

You can earn points by completing these missions like below:

  • Log-in 1pts
  • Use coupons 5pts
  • Introduce to your friends 10pts

More missions will be given after the update.
* After renewal, accumulating points by uploading receipt will no longer be necessary.

About point

Point invite


How to use your points

We plan to offer new rewards and limited discounts with the points.

  • Exchange with Japanese food-sample that are not yet available outside of Japan.
  • Get discount of whiskey and sake with the points.

Moreover, we plan to introduce special rewards to Ambassador rank members who collects a lot of points.

  • An invitation for a limited dinner party
  • An air ticket to Japan and invite you to a Japanese-food event.

Exchange to rewards > >

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